What To Do If The Furniture Does Not Look Right In The Room

What To Do If The Furniture Does Not Look Right In The Room

One of my relatives had recently bought a piece of a stylish couch which they believed would adorn the corner of their drawing-room.

They placed it at its designated location in a pre-thought angle, hours later the furniture began to scream, “I do not belong here why make me the odd one out”. Imagine having a black-sheep upholstery like this that gets highlighted amongst the entire furniture and gives an odd squeamish feeling about the room.

Budget will always be a concern while deciding what one needs to furnish their home with, whether it concerns with the functionality or the design. Since every room has a different story to tell the upholstery should never be something that creates a paradox with the idea to be conveyed.

DIY individuals often seriously doubt the capabilities of consultants who are experts in designing the decoration of rooms and end up screwing-up their project on home decoration plan, not to undermine the fact that they have already spent oodles of money trying to make things fit right that does not seem to.

A room of a house is just like that corner of the puzzle where when all the pieces meet in conjunction the puzzle becomes a story to tell. But, not every story of the room is the same. There happens to be a deviation in terms of the color on the walls and the purpose behind each room to have come into existence.

Hence, the furniture used in the rooms varies. Let’s consider a meeting room it serves the objective of meeting with guests and conducting regular business meetings hence, it has furniture that is office and environment friendly.

In case it happens to be a home-based office, one can add a touch of personal things here or two such as a portrait created by ones loved one a few artistic decorations by self or a personalized gift by a loved relative apart from the usual upholstery that would give a corporate look to the entire room.

This article will discuss exactly what you need to do if the furniture does not look right in the room and hopefully helps you in the long run.

Did I Get The Furniture In The Right Place?

Did I Get The Furniture In The Right Place?

Here are a few mistakes that individuals tend to do while planning the decoration of their house

Room Size Matters

Rooms can look big when all the furniture is pushed against the wall to create ample space for movement but when a conversation looks like a cricket field match where it starts with a shout-out, it is evident that time has come to rearrange the furniture.

Hence, a meeting room would have corporate furniture arranged in a round table conference arrangement as it is easy to converse with a large group of people professionally.

Similarly, a living room would have a cozy feel about it and would appear to be a place for striking a conversation amongst the members of the family where they would recount the events that followed during the day and spend a few productive hours with the family making plans for the future.

Hence, the furniture shall be in a close-knit arrangement around the center table to facilitate the same.

The Arrangement Is The Key

Innovation in the arrangement of furniture is always considered a bliss. It adds beauty, purpose, and dynamism to one’s room. A particular room cannot always serve a particular purpose if it is a large one.

Such large rooms offer space for innovation and creativity. Let’s take the example of a large Kitchen.

The kitchen can be used as a cookhouse as well as a dining room by arranging around the furniture to create movement in the kitchen for cooking and also ample space to sit and have food with the family thereby, uniting the family under the umbrella of food as a means of survival and humane conversation.

Placing In the Right Area

It feels embarrassing when a piece of furniture one has bought becomes a hindrance to one’s enjoyment.

Imagine a lovely view of nature outside through the bedroom of your window in blocked and faded by an ever towering headrest of the bed you recently bought to decorate your bedroom, and the same is visible to the public in the open.

An ideal choice would either be to take a bed with a headrest that has a height up to the base of the window frame else, he/she can use full-length drapes or sliders to completely cover the headrest of the bed from the eyes of the passers-by.

Take the Right Measurements Literally

The foremost priority while decorating one’s room is taking the right measurement of the room to plan one’s furniture arrangement.

Novices who plan to decorate their house with the help of a DIY happen to do the mistake of stocking furniture that oddly fits into their home occupy huge space and leaves no legroom to move around thereby screwing-up their project and forcing them to shell out loads of money, to no avail.

Finding the Right Purposes For Rooms

While decorating one room one can imagine the different purposes the room can serve and accordingly look for furniture that serves the same. A room is designed to serve all creature comforts one imagines to enjoy leaving out none unattended.

Imagine a drawing-room that has a sofa but no side table to serve the purpose of keeping things for people sitting at the two ends of the sofa.

It would not serve the purpose of relaxing as they would have to bend over to put their glass down at the center table and also to pick the glass from the center table.

Balancing The Space

A room can appear like an off the balance weighing scale if the furniture appears to be clustered on one side of the room leaving space on the other side of the room.

A living room with Sofa on one end of the room can very comfortably be balanced by adding two sofa chairs on the other end. Of course, it does not have to be the same way as it depends on the furniture one has.

What If Situations

Arrangement of furniture without a what-if situational clause can create awkward situations especially when it concerns the usage of space.

What-if guests arrive to stay over for a night-out party, what –if one needs to open a drawer to look for one’s favorite dress? Such situations compel one to look for the best arrangement of furniture to serve all purposes.

Fixing Alignment

Off-center light fixtures can toss the idea of an ideal room off the window and make it look topsy-turvy. There are certain probable solutions to solve this problem.

One of which can be calling in for the drywall professional to centrally align the chandelier so that it can lead to an aesthetic room arrangement. The furniture is generally placed below the chandelier in alignment with its center. For a faster remedy, you can add the fixture that sports a chain.

Matching Things To Get It Right

Matching Things To Get It Right

It is not always easy to get what we want, as every situation is dynamic by nature. Here are a few tips that can help with making the right choice

Understanding the Vibes

As had already been discussed in the previous section every room has a story to tell and a vibe to exhibit. While deciding about the layout of the room and the upholstery that goes with each room of the house one needs to understand the vibes they receive from a particular room and the idea they wish to exhibit.

Individuals who wish to create a minimalistic and elevated vibe about the room shall pick objects and furniture that is sharp smooth and sleek and personifies the minimalistic character of the room at the same time adding comfort to its creator.

If one wishes to create a cozy and lived-in bedroom they will opt for soft fabrics, warm-colors, and lamps for general lighting. A living room that urges one to sit down and relax after a long day will have furniture that appeals to the sense of the person for relaxation and the urge to create a desire of lazy comfort rather than being very formal and striking.

Focal Object Serve As Guides

Focal objects can also be the best guides while designing the plan and the furniture of the room. All one needs is the focal object, and subsequently the furniture in line with the tones, color, and the idea highlighted by the focal object.

While arranging for furniture around focal object care must be taken that the colors of the furniture be kept in neutral tones.

Colour Is An Important Factor

Color gives a different vibe to every room and character to each room. It is not always necessary that the furniture matches the color scheme but, it can also match the mood of the room exhibited by the color scheme.

One can play with the color scheme of the room and the furniture in it to create depth, space, and character to the room.

Adding Beautiful Storage Sections

One can enhance the elegance of one’s room by adding beautiful storage sections to keep things organized and also give character to the room. These are intelligent ways of hiding clutter that you do want your followers to see.

Fabric Creates Dynamics

Fabrics that highlight a strong statement and another level of depth which the color scheme cannot. The texture of the fabric provides a striking character to the objects in the room. Leather is one such material as it is pliable and is easy to style.

It is the perfect neutral material that goes with anything from a rug to prints or patterns one accessorizes one’s space.

How do I Achieve Stellar Decoration Without Breaking The Bank?

How do I Achieve Stellar Decoration Without Breaking The Bank?

After this discussion one becomes confused as to what one must do to create an appealing decoration arrangement for the house without breaking the bank, let’s figure out a few of these tips

Paint Adds Character

The tone of very house is first set by the door of the house One can paint the house with a neutral shade to add character to the house yet distinguishing it from the entire lot.

The color tones must be set to something that expresses friendliness and makes the home look inviting such as the hues of yellow and orange and even red.

Accent Gives Dimensions

To highlight the upholstery the households beneath its walls and flooring one must set the accent of the walls to a light and neutral tone so that the upholstery once highlighted gives a new dimension to the house.

Playing around with Different Arrangements

It is quite surprising yet true that the furniture also speaks about the character of your room, especially the sofa. A “U”-shaped arrangement or an “H”-shaped arrangement makes it evident that the furniture in the house talks amongst itself. Moreover, these are arrangements that tend to create conversational spaces.

Light Layering

Layering of lighting is also important as it highlights the beauty of the room. There are generally three types of lighting, the first being ambient which provides overall illumination, the second one being a task that focuses its lighting on probably a reading nook or a kitchen island and is ideal for work and the third one is an accent which is decorative and highlights an artwork.



In conclusion, it can be understood that every room has a different story to tell which cannot be defined by symmetry or by overcrowding of upholstery to paint a compelling picture that completely contradicts the real story behind the purpose of the room.

Care must be given in defining each detail to ensure that the complete character of the house is highlighted and the right story comes into the limelight.