What Is The Best Type Of Closets For Bedroom

What Is The Best Type Of Closets For Bedroom

How does one store one’s belongings and keep them organized? There are a lot of space-saving options available in the market but the best option to store and secure one’s belongings is the option of a closet. This article will talk about the different type of closets and also will help you how to organise your closets.

It is versatile and can accommodate any storage requirement and is capable of keeping the clutter out. In the first world country sense, a closet means an enclosed space, with a door, used for particularly storing clothes.

Fitted ones are concealed into the walls of the house so that they occupy negligible space in the room and provide a fully functional storage facility for all essential items.

Closets are often built under stairs, thereby using awkward spaces that would otherwise go unused. However, a closet is quite different from what a wardrobe might be. A wardrobe is movable furniture capable of storing clothing, and other essential items of daily use.

In Elizabethan and Middle English, the closet was referred to a room secretly concealed inside the house with the purpose of either storage, study or to save oneself from the atrocities of the war. In India, the custom of such rooms and toilets continues.

They have become as effective spaces of study or storage or for hosting a servant during the day.

Types of Closets

Types of Closets

Multiple closets can be used for various purposes but the article shall focus mainly on finding the best closets for one’s bedroom needs

Walk-in Closet

These closets are the mother of all closets and are capacious enough to accommodate a lot of storage space and at the same time help in making it easy for one to select what to wear. A good walk-in closet will not only store but exhibit the clothes one wishes to wear whether it is for a party or any other special occasion.

A walk-in closet means any storage space that can accommodate a person who wishes to try a few clothes just as in the case of a trial room. Walk-ins vary in size, ranging anywhere from a three by five to areas large enough to be considered master bedrooms.

With endless space comes the opportunity to skyrocket your imagination for the best possible design. Plenty of wall space offers more space to hang and shelve clothes efficiently.

A bigger walk-in closet might feature an island unit to aide in folding and stacking clothes. Master walk-in closets that have huge space can double up to accommodate two people with separate trial space but partitioning them.

The majority of the closets have a temperature control system to ensure the right temperature for maintaining clothes. They are ideal for storing clothes and items of regular wear and are good options to beautify one’s home.

Walk-in closets are very room but at the same time are expensive hence, if you have the budget and wish to splurge the same you can look for walk-in closets.

Reach-in Closet

These are a relatively smaller version than the Walk-in closet in terms of width as they majorly utilize the vertical space. One can store and hang clothes as per one’s requirement.

These typically have an arm’s length depth. The majority of the time, reach-in closets will have a shelf above the hanging pole for additional storage. Houses generally have either walk-in closets or reach-in closets as they serve more of a useful purpose than others and do not depreciate the value of a home.

These lean space for storage typically have hinged doors or movable curtains or partitions. Such closets having more depth often sport either a sliding or a bi-fold door.

Reach-in closets that are located at the front entrance of a house are generally called as the hall or entry closets, but work in the same fashion as the reach-in closets except that primary function is to store coats and boots.

One can very effectively maximize the space by switching clothes as per the season and they can also utilize the space on the top of the bar.

Since such closets are easy to organize one can store more stuff in the same amount of space, but the downside to the same is that it tempts one to fill the space with unwanted buying, thereby, creating an unnecessary expenditure for the same.

Wardrobe Closet

It is a vertical closet that is not attached to, or built into, the home. Wardrobe closets can differ greatly in size and style. Wardrobes are typically made of wood, oak specifically, and have been around for a long time.

Wardrobe closets have lost their popularity today than they were in the past. Now wardrobes are being used to serve more of a decorative purpose than a storage one but can bring a regal look and tone to a room.

The compartments of a wardrobe vary, some possessing a long bar to accommodate heavy, draping items like coats whereas, others have intricate shelving inside to store a collection of items.

These closets tend to create a lot of space and tempt one to buy unnecessary things that cannot be arranged and might create more mess than order.

Linen Closet

It is essentially a smaller version of the reach-in closet that is used to store additional sheets, towels, bedding, bathroom supplies, blankets, and pillows for guests.

Linen closets tend to be narrow and are usually found in hallways as an additional space between bathrooms and bedrooms. In modern homes and apartments, linen closets can be utilized to store a fully functional washer and dryer.

Linen closets can have hinged doors, barn doors, bi-fold doors, or be door-less to allow for easier access. Shelving efficiently will maximize space hence, one needs to judiciously utilize space.

The best advantage of having a linen wardrobe is that it gives one’s body more space to breathe.

However, the flip side is that Linen tends to get easily wrinkled and is hard to maintain thereby making it an unnecessary investment.

How To Organize A Walk-in Closet

How To Organize A Walk-in Closet

Whether it is a small closet or big one, organizing it has always been the prime question people often discuss over forums. However, a little bit of wisdom in one’s choice can make a lot of difference when it comes to decorating your bedroom with the closet of your choice.


One needs to ensure that they sort out their clothes by type as it does not create confusion and grants easy access to the user. The organization of stuff is completely subjective to one’s choices and preferences. Here one can use one’s creativity to ensure that the organization adds beauty and not clutter to one’s bedroom.

White Wire Frame Shelves

These shelves are ideal moveable shelves that can help in organizing and storing away stuff from everyone’s view. Moreover, these are versatile and create more space at the bottom of the closet and occupy rather than the top of the closet.

Storing knits and sweaters

Knits and sweaters are ideal for winters but, are very hard to maintain as they regularly get wrinkled and lose their glow and stiffness.

One can either hang or shelve this expensive investment from harm by deciding on the dimensions of the same. The scarfs can be neatly folded and hanged and the boots can be stored away in shelves to protect their leather from wear and tear.

Shelving Things

In case one does not have space to even hang or decorate clothe and accessories as per one’s wish they can simply shelve these things and can create more space as the shelves are deep ad a versatile to accommodate any typing of clothing or accessory.

One can simply fold the clothes compact to neatly occupy the space of shelve thereby saving a lot of legroom for one to move around and try their favorite dress and accessory.

Making it Smell Fresh

One can also use Cedarwood to ward off any moisture to create an odorless closet. These real planks of aromatic cedarwood are ideal as insect and pest repellants the natural way.


Mirrors can be used to make spaces look bigger than they are, as they reflect and amplify the space they are kept in and also add more beauty, gloss, and purpose to the closet.

Common Mistakes Done While Organizing Closets

Common Mistakes Done While Organizing Closets

There are a lot of mistakes that people might make while organizing one’s wardrobe. Here are the five most common mistakes they commit

Underutilizing One’s Space

The majority of homeowners tend to ignore odd spaces and leave them unused. By doing this, you are giving up the opportunity to fully utilize the storage areas in your closets.

Too Many Organizers

Too many organizers create a cluttered look and make the closet a crowded space thereby providing a messy appearance to the same.

Contrasting Organization Products

Pick organizers that match each other. The best way to do this is to pick a color palette. For instance, you maybe would need full wood, or maybe a different color which goes in line with others By picking a palette and sticking with it, your closets will have a more cohesive look.

No Use Of Hooks

While cabinets and drawers are very important, do not ignore the benefits of hooks. Hooks give you an easy place to hang jackets, scarves, and books or shopping bags that you use regularly.

Non-Functional Sorting

Another mistake people make is organizing their items by type instead of by function. A great tip would be not to keep all the shoes together in one place rather you could different areas based on the type such as color, occasion, or even the seasons of the year.

This practice creates an easier way for you to grab your essentials dressing items more easily and seamlessly.

Major Reasons For A Messed-Up Cupboard

Major Reasons For A Messed-Up Cupboard

Asking The Wrong Questions

  • Will this be useful later?
  • Did someone give this to me?
  • Was this too pricey?

These signal one’s guilt, obligation, and fear, and forces one to keep just about anything from throwing them away whether they are of use or not.

Asking The Right Questions

  • Does this dress suit me and is of my size?
  • Should I buy it during a season sale at half the price?
  • Is this item completely necessary?
  • Can I lend or gift it to someone?

These questions will help one to save a lot of space and a lot of headaches to organize stuff. One can look for ways to minimize space by borrowing clothes for an event that is just going to happen for a lifetime.


To conclude, closets can be considered an ideal storage option for small homes that are looking for the best in class storage and proper utilization of space to remove clutter and bring order while dressing up.

People tend to commit a lot of mistakes while organizing their closets but the can organize once work properly. The reach-in closet and the wardrobe are considered as ideal spaces for storing one’s bedroom in place.