What is an Ergonomic Chair?

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

Have you ever challenged your friend to a spinning contest? One could spin forever in an Ergonomic chair.

The moment someone sees one of these chairs, you can’t help but take a seat in one. Why is that? I guess we’re just going to have to learn out that answer.

Did you know that a spinning chair with wheels is called an Ergonomic chair? There’s a lot of things you didn’t know about it. These chairs come in handy for work-related tendencies.

Instead of pushing the chair out making one of those awful noises that gets everyone’s attention, easily spin out without so much as a problem. Aside from that, you should learn the history behind an Ergonomic chair.

We hope that you are sitting in an Ergonomic chair because this is going to be a great learning lesson.

What is an Ergonomic Chair ?

What is an Ergonomic Chair ?

We all have to sit a lot, don’t we? For those who have jobs that require you to sit for long periods, the Ergonomic chair helps you rest comfortably. An Ergonomic chair easily supports one’s neck reducing the risk of getting a horrible neck cramp.

Ergonomic chairs can be used either at home or at work.

The Ergonomic chair was first invented for offices in the 1950s, primarily for factory workers. But, then the prime directive behind the chair changed in the 1980s when office space changed.

Do you know what another resourceful invention was made in the ’80s? Computers!

A new design for a chair needed to be invented for those who had careers working on computers. It was important for companies to listen to employees who complained about their backs and necks hurting after long periods.

So, if you are looking for someone to thank for the invention of this chair, you can thank office workers.

Why Was the Ergonomic Chair Invented?

Why Was the Ergonomic Chair Invented?

The term for the Ergonomic chair was first invented b polish biologist Wojciech Jastrzebowski. It was in 1968 when Wilfred Dauphin created the first Ergonomic chair. The chair allowed people who sat to adjust the back of the chair whenever they felt uncomfortable.

A company had allowed him to research how chairs affected people in the office. After the rise of these chairs, Ergonomic chairs started to become popular all across the United States.

What Chairs Qualify as Ergonomic?

Seat Height Adjustment

An Ergonomic chair should always be adjustable. For those who are short or tall, easily adjust the seat with one press of a button to shorten the dimension of the chair for the person using it  This is one of the best qualities of an Ergoniam chair. 

Seat Pan Depth Adjustment

Having a seat slide feature enables one to improve the depth in which the edge of the seat and back of the knees have supportive blood flow.  It’s bad when you cannot feel your legs anymore after sitting for long hours. Chairs that have this trait are best for your overall health when sitting.

Back Rest Height Adjustment

An Ergonomic chair with a backrest height adjustment lets a chair user move in a different direction and have back support. Pay very close attention to your back because one can easily wear it out with how long they sit for. The Ergonomic chair is a chance to have a healthy spine with no aches and pains

Back Angle Adjustment

Back Angle Adjustment allows one to turn the back of the chair to a more comfortable position or angle. Have you heard the advice to change the angle of your back as many times as you can while sitting? Sitting in the same position can affect your posture. 

Arm Support Adjustment

Arms support adjustment should be height and width adjustable to allow a pivot where you can place your arms while typing  Having armrests saves you the time from the accidental comedy moment where one flips out of their seat thinking that they had support. Other than that, arm support is here to prevent you from stretching out your arms when continuously typing. 

Quality Casters

You know you are not sitting in Ergonomic chair if a regular chair breaks easily because it is not supported by one are two quality castors. An Ergonomic chair supports your weight whenever you first sit down or get up to do a  chore. 

Back Tilt Tension

 Ergonomic Chairs have tension knobs to adjust the pressure when you move back in the chair. Sitting is meant to be a comfortable experience. That is what an Ergonomic chair is here to do.

Headrest Adjustment

Sometimes when we are sitting we are not going to use a headrest anyway. However, the Ergonomic chair has a headrest in case you want to make a short rest and lie back into the chair. Ergonomic chairs should have adjustable headrests to prevent you from getting a  nasty neck-ache.

Uses of Ergonomic Chairs

Uses of Ergonomic Chairs

We all have to sit a lot, don’t we? For those who have jobs that require you to sit for long periods, the Ergonomic chair helps you rest comfortably. An Ergonomic chair easily supports one’s neck reducing the risk of getting a horrible neck cramp.

Ergonomic chairs can be used either at home or at work.

Why is it Important for me to Use an Ergonomic Chair?

The most important reason for anyone to use an ergonomic chair is that it will greatly improve your back pain. The whole design of the chair is the help support your natural posture, reducing stressful forces on your body.

If you didn’t know, there is a section in the lower part of the back that curves forward to match the natural curve in your spine.

Different Types of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Once you have come to the decision that you want to use an ergonomic chair for your office space, here are some different types of chairs that one can use.

1) Herman Miller Embody Chair

This chair is one of the most top-recommended Ergonomic chairs to use. It keeps the spine aligned, reducing pressure, and it helps with proper circulation throughout the bod  The chair also has a unique design called the Exoskeleton. Hmm, that is an interesting term. This chair costs a lot, but it is very much worth it for better results in your back.

2) Haworth Zody Chair

This chair has a comfortable pelvic pad for those who have to sit all day staring at a computer screen. You can adjust the height and turn it in multi direction.  It reclines, and different headrests are available. Be careful when using this chair as the arms tend to slide around.

3) Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Sitting in this chair is like sitting on a mattress. With a cushioned seat, the construction of the chair supports every part of your body from your spine, back, and hips. This chair keeps your back in a neutral position, reducing pressure. However, if you are under 5’4 this chair is not recommended for you.

4) Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Now, this is a popular Ergonomic chair among customers. The best features included in this chair are fabric, the seat cushion, and it gives you the best support on your back.You’re in luck because it is one of the most affordable Ergonomic chairs out there, but the only thing is that the Alera Elusion Swivel Chair provides minimal adjustability.

How do Ergonomic Chairs Benefit Me?

How do Ergonomic Chairs Benefit Me?

Supports Posture

The Ergonomic chair supports one’s posture giving your neck and a comfortable backrest. Having a backrest reduces the risk of having a stiff neck and shoulders. People have advised that one should adjust the chair to a 90-degree angle that is parallel to his or her hips, reduce constraints of the spine. 


The Ergonomic chair makes one comfortable. A chair that easily makes you feel aches and pains is not good for the bones. Chairs that are not capable of providing comfort can make bone problems last for a long time

Reduces Neck Problems

Using one of these chairs reduces terrible neck problems, To prevent one from getting a stiff neck, the chair supports your neck. Stiffness from chairs that not supportive lead to complications like cervical spondylosis.

Back Support

Sitting for long periods in a chair is bad for the spine. With the use of an ergonomic chair, it gives you the best back support that you could ever ask for. For those who have had major back pains throughout their life, this is the recommended chair that they should use to end that problem once and for all. 

Removes Presuure In Hips

You know, when one is sitting, it is really important to have the pressure taken away from your hips. Have you ever had a problem with sitting up straight? Now is the time to have the best positive. An Ergonomic chair gives you a relaxing replacement so you can get everything in your work loaf completed.


Now, are you wondering if you should own an Ergonomic chair right now at this very moment? The short answer: Yes! The Ergonomic chair is one of the greatest inventions to enhance your time to relax. Back problems are the worst.

The health of your back is one of the most important points you should pay attention to. Being able to sit is a gift. After a hard day, get yourself an ergonomic chair for the best sitting days you could ask for.