What are the Different Types of Cabinets?

What are the Different Types of Cabinets?

One of the greatest things about cabinets is that they can hold the tastiest snacks that you are craving after a long and hard day.

Did you know that you have an entire assortment of cabinets to choose from when constructing a kitchen set?

Where is the best place to start when choosing the right cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom? Before you go out on that search, you need to know that the process of choosing which cabinets that best suits your home is an overwhelming process.

Yeah, we’re surprised about that fact, too. To make your modelling dreams come true, here are important steps to follow when choosing the cabinet size, accommodations, and design.

Listen up, it’s time to learn about the history of cabinets. In this article, you will be taken on the journey of different types of cabinets.

How Did Cabinets Come to Be?

First, a cabinets main objective was to store paper and other valuables to people. They were referred to as boxes of chests.

The main reason that cabinets were invented was to give people a break from having to bend down when using a chest. Thankfully, the cabinet was invented for people who had trouble kneeling.

The word cabinet derives from the French word ‘small room.’

Cabinets originated in Italy during the Renaissance. Cabinets became one of the most popular pieces of furniture throughout all of Europe. Some cabinets were put on display for their marquetry, carvings, inlay, and gilding.

Cabinets were not given a purpose until around 1650. People had no reason to store anything in cabinets because they didn’t have anything of important value that they wanted to store.

What Happened to Cabinets After the Restoration Period?

After the restoration period, cabinets were mainly used as decorative objects. The Chinese and Japanese were known to import cabinets into England so they could be mounted on carved stands gilded or delivered.

Later, cabinets were fitted with glass shelves to display china. It was during the Industrial Revolution that cabinets became a popular hit in the 1700s into the 1800s, entering mass production.

Cabinetmaking after WW2

Cabinetmaking became very popular after World War 2. It became so popular that people enjoyed cabinetmaking as a hobby. It was great for veterans as a distraction from the war. Cabinetmaking started such a craze all across Europe.

People who were skilled at constructing cabinets became quite popular and would be asked to produce more furniture at reasonable rates. Sadly, cabinetmaking was gradually ruled out by modern factories that used electric tools to construct furniture.

What Can a Put Inside a Cabinet ?

What Can a Put Inside a Cabinet ?

Anything. Cabinets are popular for storing fine china, coins, kitchen supplies, food, and cabinets can also make great homes for those with a sweet tooth. Drawers either have drawers that you can pull out, open by the handle, or are left open entirely.

What Does a Cabinet Look Like?

What Does a Cabinet Look Like?

Cabinets are generally rectangular shaped. Traditionally, they are made out of wood, and sometimes have a glass frame so you can see inside. Cabinets are not just called cabinets.

They are also referred to by the name of ‘cupboards’, ‘closets’, and ‘armoires’. Cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, standing abilities, and getting hooked to a wall to store values.

What are The Different Types of Cabinets

Now that the history lesson is over, it is time to talk about the different types of cabinets. To help you determine which cabinet best fit for your location, here is a breakdown of each cabinet.

Stock Cabinets

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to give your kitchen a fresh new, stock cabinets are your best pick. These kinds of cabinets are made in all common sizes, they are available in a limited variety of door styles, colours, and finishes.

To bring your vision to life quickly get in touch with a stock brand to offer you styles, help with selections and speedy delivery. 

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Here is a little inside fact, semi-custom cabinets are more in-stock than stock cabinets. Having your semi-custom cabinet allows you to create your own personalized look for a kitchen, at a lesser expense than any custom cabinets.

Ordering a semi-custom cabinet allows you to order in a wide choice of finishes, stains, paints and other finishing techniques. There is so much you can do to create your own unique look.

Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets offer the most extensive width of wood types, finishing options, construction platforms. The custom cabinet also allows modifications.

Get in touch with Proficient craftsmen and other designers to meet any need, whether is it working from an already existing cabinet design or utilizing a napkin-sketch plan to make new design pieces in the manufacturing plant, guaranteeing that you end up with the exact cabinets you have imagined.

Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets

You must be asking the question, ‘What is a base cabinet, and why do I need one?’

Base cabinets provide bulk storage space, shelving items like pots, pans, and cleaning supplies. Base cabinets normally sit on the floor. Base cabinets can be used for kitchen islands, window seating, as homes for recycling and trash, or store items for a bath under a bathroom sink.

Types of Base Cabinets

  • Base Easy-Access Cabinets: Built with middle shelves, including small racks for other items.
  • Base Pull Out Cabinets: Small open shelves and fitted with racks that store small objects of convenience.
  • Two-Drawer Based Cabinets: Find what you need like lighting. Store two pots, and not just one. 
  • Open Base Cabinets: No doors, just open shelving for storing items
  • Corner Cabinets: CoAs you guesses, these cabinets are built on the corner of kitchen cabinets, storing necessary kitchen items. 
  • Supercabinets: Okay, this is a cabinet that stores numerous items. Equipped with pullout shelves, pull out wire racks, racks attached to the door.

Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

Just like the name justifies, these cabinets are secured to the wall, providing storage space above a bade cabinet. A wall cabinet makes items easily accessible so you can prepare dinner without having to hold up the meal to find a crucial ingredient.

How Can I use a Wall Cabinet?

You can use a wall cabinet for just about anything. Use it For:

  • Bathroom Storage Necessities
  • Livingroom/Entertainment Space
  •  Laundry Room Storage
  • Supply Home Office

Types of Wall Cabinets

  • Pull Down Spice Rack: Just pull that spice rack out of the cabinet, and you have all your cooking spices lined up.
  • Appliance Garage: Appliances can get all jumbled up in the kitchen. The appliance garage houses all your appliances. 
  • Wall Easy-Access Cabinets: Includes three shelves, and wire racks, Excellent for storing both large and small items.
  • Kitchen Wall Cabinet: Are you tired of digging through your cabinets for no luck on finding what you need. The kitchen wall cabinet ends that dilemma providing a rotating shelf
  • Electronic Lift Cabinets: With just one touch, the electronic lift cabinets open right up, and then close when you find what you are looking for. 

Tall Cabinets

Tall Cabinets

You guessed it, tall cabinets are tall. These types of cabinets are often called by the name, “Pantry Cabinets”. Hey, reach heights as tall as 96 inches!

The prime directive of a tall cabinet is store items such as cleaning supplies (AKA mops and brooms), those thick dry dog food bags, or it supplies thick winter jackets.

Tall Cabinets are used as a space to keep all winter belongings, in the laundry room, or to show off your ceiling to guests.

When owning a tall cabinet, make sure that it is dusted. Dirt, cobwebs, and dirt build-up. A tall cabinet also makes a nice location to hide a birthday gift. Just remember that it is there.

Types of Tall Cabinets

  • Utility Tall Cabinets: These types of tall cabinets include shelves, hooks, drawers, and come in an assortment of different designs 
  • Oven Microwave Cabinets: These cabinets hang right over an oven. Convenient if you need to supply any necessary kitchen needs.
  • Tall Pantry Pull Out: Here is what your fellow sweet-tooth hoarders are looking for. Racks are provided on each side, keeping essentials in its cabinets
  • Pantry Supercabinet: Ultimate storage space to keep snacks and other important items

Does it Matter What Cabinet Doors I Use?

Does it Matter What Cabinet Doors I Use?

Cabinet Doors are the most important part of a cabinet. To prevent somebody from stealing your supplies, here is a look at the different types of cabinet doors.

Styles of Cabinet Doors

  • Arch Doors
  • Cathedral Doors
  • Shaker Doors
  • Slab Doors
  • Beadboard Doors

Types of Cabinet Centerpieces

1) Raised Panel Cabinet Doors: Raised centre panel, contoured edge, with a traditional design

2) Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors: The centre panel is lower, has a higher outer edge, and recessed panel doors

3) Full Overlay Cabinet Doors: Cover entire front of the cabinet, vary in small portion, have a streamlined design

4) Partial Overlay Cabinet Doors: Only cover parts of the cabinet, leaving only smaller portions of the cabinets open to viewing

5) Beaded and Non-Beaded Style: Beaded cabinet sell the craftsmanship of the wood


There, that is all you need to know when it comes to preparing your kitchen to buy a cabinet. Cabinets are one of the most essential pieces of furniture to have in your home.

We hope this article provided you will all the valuable information you needed to hoard all the snacks and candy for that sweet tooth. Other than that, cabinets will hold anything essential in a safe place in your home.

Enjoy your process in searching for the right cabinets for your home.