Is Solid Wood Furniture Worth It?

Is Solid Wood Furniture Worth It?

I was sitting on my wooden chair and just saw that the quality of the wood is quite solid so I wanted to see if solid wood furniture worth it or not.

Solid wood furniture is the prime example of a material which lasts for a very long time. They have been from the olden days a very genuine material with which many types of furniture are made. They are expensive but considering their lifetime, you get your money’s worth.

Let’s see why you might or might not need it.

I was sitting on my wooden chair and just saw that the quality of the wood is quite solid so I wanted to see if solid wood furniture worth it or not.

What is Solid Wood?

What is Solid Wood?

Solid wood in its literal definition is a wood made out of a tree log which is milled into shape for a piece of specific furniture to be made or even for floorings.

The thing about solid wood is they don’t have any composites overlayed on them but only simple one-piece wood straight from the cutting board.

Solid wood can be found in different kinds namely maple red or white oak, mahogany, teak and around 40 more. Considering this wide variety, you get a lot of different textures and colours.

The reason Solid Wood is still popular because of the value it gives. It gives both beauty and longevity. And also they can stay as much as 100 years or more.

What is the Difference between Solid Wood and Engineered Wood

What is the Difference between Solid Wood and Engineered Wood​

Now there are a lot of differences between engineered wood and solid wood, but before we get to that, let’s see what is engineered wood

Engineered Wood

From the name itself you can understand that its a wood which is engineered from different things. The thing to note is that even this is made from real wood and not some fake wood.

Generally, they are made out of different layers of wood packed into one piece. This type of wood is usually man-made is composed or bound by different adhesives and other fixation.

The adhesive is bound to the board of wood by different wood particles, fibre, veneers or even other woods. This usually strengthens the original wood and make it more sturdy.

Important Things To Note:-


  • They can be installed in numerous places around the house.
  • They are bounded by the adhesive of different materials. 
  • They can be used for flooring.
  • They are versatile in the type of shape, size, thickness and even the length of it.
  • They are more preferable for house construction as they have structural advantages.
  • Something very interesting about engineered wood is that you work with it in many different ways such as using normal or basic tools and can be very easily be made into different curved shapes as well.
  • Another interesting thing about this wood is that it can be used efficiently meaning, you could use less wood but make great things even if the wood is a little damaged. 
  • They are cost-effective in the manufacturing zone, this is why they are a lot more affordable and cheaper than normal solid wood.
  • It has a high resistance to scratches.


  • They are not easy to repair as they have multiple layers of wood.
  • Having a lot of different layers of wood means more time and effort is needed for their making than solid wood.
  • Just like any wood, engineered wood has some common problems. Even though it is wood made out of different layers it is still basically a wood. So it is prone to the moisture of the atmosphere as well. That’s why they are not a suitable wood to be used outdoors. The reason for this is that different layers of wood would react differently to the moisture and there would be uneven in different places. Hence it would become weak.
  • The other thing about engineered wood is that being careful of some engineered wood as they may have toxic resins. Make sure to check if the resins or adhesive used in manufacturing the wood are not toxic.
  • Can be sanded 2 to 3 times in its lifetime, after that it has to be replaced as the top layer become thin and thin each time.

Solid Wood

As explained above that solid wood is milled from a single piece of lumber and is not a made by layers of wood like engineered wood.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood.

Important things to note:-


  • The most important thing is that it lasts a very long time. They are still now used by designers and architects for the amount of beauty and longevity it gives out. They could be your one-time investment.
  • There a lot of different species of solid wood and to name a few are Maple, Mahagony, Teak, Mango, Pine, Walnut and a lot more others. 
  • There are a lot of colours to choose from and also a lot of different finishes as well.
  • They are for making several In House Objects, such as Storage Beds, Cupboards, Dining Tables, Chairs, Sofas etc.
  • They can be fixed a lot easier as they are one single piece of wood. So repairs are quite simple for this wood. 
  • The other thing is that they are easier to clean as it gets less accumulated by less dirt and debris.


  • They can susceptible to a lot of moisture which in turn doesn’t give it stability. Just like any wood out there solid wood has the weak point of changes inside the wood due to atmospheric moisture causing to expand or contract and even warp. 
  • Even though they last for a very long time. They are suitable for places such as outdoor, bathroom flooring or even the basement, As these are the places of high moisture and varying temperature.
  • They are usually more expensive than engineered wood. But the total cost of solid wood at the end depends on a lot of factors such as the installation method, labour and even the size you may want.
  • It has a low resistance to scratches. Which means it can be easily scratched.

Similarities between both Engineered Wood and Solid Wood

Similarities between both Engineered Wood and Solid Wood

There are quite a lot of similarities between them as It will list them below

  • They both are 100% real wood made from lumber. They are not fake or semi wood or anything else. They both are real wood.
  • They both have different varieties and finishes overall. So you have a lot of variety to choose from. 
  • They both are susceptible to moisture and temperature. Though engineered wood is more sturdy in this case as it has different layers.
  • They both are used for making a variety of household furniture.
  • They both collect less dust and debris cause they both are wood. So a plus point there.
  •  They both last a lot of time. But solid wood lasts more compared to engineered wood. They have an advantage of 40 years extra.

Is Solid Wood Worth It?

Is Solid Wood Worth It?​

Now after all the thing we got to know about solid wood and also engineered wood. The question still exists, is solid wood worth it.

This is something for you to decide because Solid wood gives you a long term product but has its flaws.

There is quite a lot of furniture still being made in solid wood. But the reason you might not want to buy it would be it is expensive or even not suitable for the house.

The only thing you need to consider is that would you like to invest in solid wood for some purposes and engineered wood for a different purpose.

This really could help to bring in both long-lasting and modern interior.
So what will you choose only solid wood or maybe engineered wood or maybe both? The choice is yours.


The aim was to help you choose the best wood in terms of different aspects. And I hope you will get an idea of what might be best for you.

You have a lot of variety, species, finishes, styles, and even life span.
If you think of the long term then you should go for the solid wood.

But if want flexibility and less expense you can go for the engineered wood.
I hope this helped you think out the different ways you could make your home your masterpiece.