How Much Should You Spend On Furniture For a New House

How Much Should You Spend On Furniture For a New House

What does one generally call those objects that are movable and support one in performing basic human activities? Obviously, it is furniture! Some of these items are created horizontal to the flooring of the house whereas, others would just be created to store items of daily use.

These can be innovated to suit all needs and designs for saving space and creating more value for the average homely individuals.

Furniture is always created keeping in mind the kinesics and ergonomics of the objects. Originally there was no proper furniture that people would use for performing various tasks.

Tree stumps, rocks and moss were considered as the ideal furniture since the beginning of the human race.

Archaeological research shows that civilizations developed the ability to cut and carve out their furniture well ahead in time around 30000 years ago. At this time furniture would generally be carved out of stone, wood, and animal bones.

The very early phase of development of furniture can be attributed to Venus Figurines depicting a goddess on the throne.

The first type of furniture known to have survived the test of times is the furniture found in the homes of Skara Brae in Scotland, that includes cupboards, dressers and beds all made completely out of stone.

Subsequently, complex joinery techniques were introduced by the Egyptians, when woodworking was developed.

The furniture range generally included stools and tables, sometimes decorated with valuable metals or Ivory. Furniture evolved further during the Greek and Roman era with thrones being commonplace as well as the klinai, multipurpose couches used for relaxing, eating, and sleeping. The furniture of the middle ages was usually heavy, built of oak, and ornate.

Furniture range expanded further during the Italian Renaissance of the fourteenth and fifteenth century for design. As centuries passed by the design of furniture evolved. The 17th century in Europe was characterized by opulent, often gilded Baroque designs, whereas, the 19th century was defined by revival styles.

The first three-quarters of the 20th century was defined by the adoption of modern styles. The post-modern furniture designs were defined by returning to natural shapes and textures.

In this article we will provide all the price ranges of the different furniture and help you to understand where you can correctly spend on furniture. And analyse your budget.

Importance Of Furniture

Importance Of Furniture

One always wishes to have a flawlessly beautiful and vividly striking home. For this one requires the best of the best furniture to adorn their living space. Furniture plays an important role when it comes to outlining and styling a house. Following are the pointers that substantiate the same

Radiates Your Home And Augments The Space

Imagine how ugly it would look entering a house that does not have any furnishings. The elegance and look of the house are complete with the position of furniture as a part of the stylistic theme or either as a utility.

Furniture is what gives a charter to a living space. It instantly becomes the centre of attraction exhibiting its radiance on the walls by removing the emptiness of the walls and adding meaning to the living space.

Providing Utility and Comfort

Furniture provides facility and helps when it boils down to assistance for fulfilling the creature comforts of all the individuals of the house. They make our lives simpler thereby, providing us comfort in the house.

Moreover, furniture serves a lot of purposes such as sitting, eating, cleaning and other things thereby, adding the element of utility to the house.

Meticulous Organization Of Space

Furniture once positioned inside the house define spaces when it comes to eating, sleeping and performing other tasks. Furniture has always been a defining factor when it comes to making a living space look presentable.

Things to consider before Furnishing

It is never easy to decide how one would furnish their home, as every living space has its requirement. Here are a few points that might help while deciding the furnishings of a house

Moving Space

Furniture that obstructs free movement can never be good for the home, however beautiful it is. Hence, one must first take note of the proper dimensions of a home before deciding on the furnishings one has to place in their home.



Furniture of the home must always synchronize in contrast or conjugation with the colour scheme of the house. The room would look out of place if the furniture does not match the tone of the house.


When looking at furnishing one’s home it is essential to understand the durability of furniture as a budget is important and investment made on furniture must give a long-term return. This ensures the sustainability of furniture.


One must not buy furniture that is too inexpensive as it would not last long while serving your needs. Also, one must not look for furniture that is out of your budget range as well. Look for furniture that fits your budget and makes it easy for you to furnish the same at your home.


One must evaluate the purposes the furniture would serve. If the furniture Is for an office it would be designed as per the users. Whereas, if the furniture is for the home it should serve the purpose of the individuals living in the house.


Ergonomics comes at the top when it comes to buying online furniture. It would look unpleasant if a piece of Furniture looks relay expensive and gaudy but does not provide comfort in performing tasks related to the house.


The material from which a piece of furniture is made also makes a difference as the furniture one has can either be composed of wood, metal or plastic. Wood is considered to be highly pliable and is easy to clean and maintain hence, one needs to consider all the absolutes for material before thinking of anything else.

Classification of Furniture With Prices

When it comes to buying furniture there is no dearth of what you can furnish your home with as each room has its purpose. Here are a few classifications that might help



Who does not wish to lounge around and relax the whole day? Sofas can always be considered the ideal place to relax and forget the worries of life.

Initially, sofas were considered a luxury, they would come in ornate designs and looks and would complement to the beauty of the house thereby making the house seem luxurious.

There are around about 20 types of sofas that now exist owing to the innovation in design and each of them serves its purpose.

They are relay expensive and can range from $300 to $2000.



Pretty much every home would have at least one table as a common feature of the house. Some houses will have 10 or more when you add up dining tables, end tables, accent tables, nightstands, work tables, etc.

These are those pieces of Furniture that are horizontal surfaces supported by vertical columns and have multiple uses.

These are generally used to either decorate homes or host guests. There are typically 33 types of tables that exist in the market when it comes to design and purpose.

The price of the table would range from $200 to $2000.



What does one do when he/she is tired after a long day at work? Simple just sink into a chair for relaxing. Chairs can be very helpful when It comes to sitting and performing tasks.

One of the most favourite chairs is the Club chair that is large and cushiony and can comfortably accommodate a person to sink into.

There are 37 types of chairs that are currently being developed in the furniture market basis for various factors.

Chairs can be priced as low as $100 to as high as $2000 depending on the price of the materials used and the design.



When it’s time to retire to sleep one looks for the bed. Beds are really helpful when it comes to relaxing after a long day. They provide the ultimate rest to the body and keeps one’s mind soul and body to rest.

A comfortable bed is that which is ergonomically designed to support and back, neck and other parts of the body and aligns it into a straight line.

Good quality beds often make on relaxed and refreshed after a comfortable sleep to kick start your day. There are around 38 types of bed that are available in the market.

Beds would be priced in the range of $250 to  $2000



These are ideal when one needs to study, work or just pursue a hobby. These have ample space for storage of all types of stationery and other equipment.

Desks can be very useful for an office-based setting when it comes to performing daily office tasks. There are around 17 types of desks available in the market basis their layout, size, style and material.

These generally come under the price range of $300 to $1000.



Dressers are similar to cupboards and sport either numerous shelves in a closed frame with moveable doors or can have open shelving.

There’s a wide array of options for those looking for dressers for their homes.

Whether you’re looking for a standout model or even just a utilitarian one, we help you make the right pick by helping you decide on the most important aspects of a dresser such as design, type of material, and style.

The price ranges from $350 to $3500.

TV stands

TV stands

These are ideal for holding the TV and also to hide away the clutter one has so that they can keep their living space clean and beautiful. It is one of the striking centrepieces to decorate one’s room.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are used to hold the TV at the right viewing angle.

These can range from $200 to about $2000 depending on the material used the requirement and also the design.

Book Shelves

Book Shelves

These are ideal for storage and can be of high value when it comes to utilizing space. Moreover, these are used for storing a variety of items to suit the needs of the inhabitants and users alike.

There are a variety of bookshelves available for storage and vary as per the size, design and material used.

These would typically range in the price of $50 to $1000.


To conclude, buying furniture depend on a lot of factors to be considered be it design, aesthetics and other aspects. Ultimately every room speaks of a different story and the furniture needs to complement the same.

To complete a story one needs to understand the idea and purpose one has in mind while furnishing one’s home.

Every space in the house should go in conjunction with the style and layout and must-have furnishings that completes the story and character one wishes to convey concerning the room.

Spending on furniture is ultimately one’s decision while furnishing the same.