How Much Does a Couch Weigh?

How Much Does a Couch Weigh?

Are you excited to bring that brand new couch home so you can lounge out and watch all the movies you want?

Couches are the best for a multitude of reasons that go about with putting your feet up after a long and hard day.

You may be wondering how much a couch must weigh. Knowing the weight of a couch is viable information. Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel are lugging that couch up the stairs? In the end, all didn’t go well.

You need to know the weight of a couch to determine if you can handle lifting this weight

Listen up all you couch potatoes, this article will provide you with the knowledge on the life of a couch, and the correct ways to manoeuver one through your house.

The History of a Couch

The History of a Couch

A couch is not just called a couch. It can be called a sofa, futon, or a chesterfield. A couch’s main prime directive is to provide comfort. 2-4 people can sit on the couch depending on the size.

Couches are the best seat in the house if you want to have a movie night with your friends.

The word is based on an old French verb ‘couche’ meaning to lie down.If you’re looking to thank someone for the place in which you drop and take a rest day after day thank is Lord Chesterfield.

Does that name sound familiar to you? It should, because that it one piece of furniture that you have been sitting on.

Chesterfield created a leather upholstery in which people sit on together as a way to not wrinkle their clothes.

The Chesterfield was invented during the Restoration period, becoming so popular because noble people who wore layers and layers of clothing loved that nothing wrinkled when they sat on it.

Is There a Difference in Couches?

Is There a Difference in Couches?

Oh, yes there is a difference. If someone ever challenges you to name the differences between a sofa and a couch, read these facts closely.


– Cushions
– Two arms
– Space for many people


– Have one or no arms
– Smaller than sofas
– Difference in design

The Weight of a Couch

Here is the answer to all of your questions. Approximately, a couch weighs 350 pounds. The weight varies depending on the size. Couches also provide a pullout bed in which guests can sleep on.

How Much Does a Couch Cost?

The average cost of a couch in the US costs around $1,000. Anything over that limit is surely ripping you off. Before buying that couch, test it.

That’s right, you can sit right on the couch if you are in Jordan’s Furniture. That’s what workers are expecting for customers to make a purchase.

How Long Will a Couch Last?

How Long Will a Couch Last?

Couches are not going to last a lifetime if that is what you are wondering. Couches last a total of fifteen years.

Wanna know why you see couches standing outside of homes on the street? We’ll tell you why before you think about stealing one and putting it in your own home

Space Problems

Buying a couch is one thing, but not thinking about your space terrible. Take measurements and then measure the couch to see if it going to fit through the door and in your living room.

Strange Noises

Creak. Pop. Squeak. No, that is not a stranger lurking through the hallway. If you hear a couch making those noises whenever you sit down, then it is time to retire it from its role as a comfortable seat. The couch is wearing thin.

No Support

A couch’s main objective is to give you support. If couches are no longer doing that important job for you, then it is time to get a new one.

What is that Smell?

Never ignore cleaning the couch. Let it be a lesson the first time that all that animal hair, messes your kids make, and spilled drinks are not going to be good for the couches padding.

Change in Decorative Needs

Often times people get rid of their couches because their decoration tastes have changed. It’s normal to go through phases. Someone may not like the color, patterns, or your own style has changed. Buy a couch that best fits you.

Pros and Cons of Having a Couch

Pros and Cons of Having a Couch

It’s crazy to think that there are cons to owning a couch in which you can sit back and relax for hours at a time. If you are in search of a couch to put into your very own apartment, let’s list the pros first

Pros of a Couch

  • Maximizes a Small Living Space
  • Sits a number of people comfortably
  • You can arrange a couch anywhere in the living room
  • Frees up extra space for furniture
  • Couches are a chance to bond with the family
  • The arrangements make great use for having conversations

Cons of a Couch

  • Do you take the couch with you if you ever move
  • Not enough space in the house or apartment
  • Difficulty getting into the home
  • Couches weigh 350 pounds. That’s right, they’re difficult to move
  • Obstructs windows, doorways, or other exits
  • Prohibits from cleaning dust, fallen crumbs, and spills

How to Lift a Couch

Are you thinking about moving? It’s an awful thought to just abandon your couch and even think about buying a new one.

Now that you have made the decision that you don’t want to be separated from your beloved couch, now comes the difficult part on how to get the couch out of the apartment. 

It’s not recommended to lift a couch on your own, but if you ever have to, here are some tips to look out for. 

  • Never Lift with Your Back

The consequences of lifting with your back are the result of ending up in the hospital with a painful back injury. Instead, lift with your knees. Squatt down, get a good grasp of the couch and then lift. Don’t ever bend at the waist. Use your muscles and legs to help lift. 

Why You Should Never Lift a Couch By Yourself

Why You Should Never Lift a Couch By Yourself

If you want to know the exact reason why you shouldn’t lift a couch by yourself, go watch the Friends episode where the couch toppled out of Ross and Rachel’s hands.

Besides that, lifting a couch is no comedy. One could seriously injury themselves specifically their back.

Those extra set of hands will help you lift the couch across a long hallway, down the stairs, and lift it into the moving truck. Have an extra set of hands to help you lift it.

You’ll be happy to know that, there are professionals who can move a couch for you. The cost of moving a couch is only $1,000. Movers can move only one item instead of more. Go only to research moving companies that have had good reviews among other clients.

Tips for Lifting a Couch

1) Remove all the Parts of a Couch

Don’t ever move a couch with the cushions remaining. They’re only going to slide off and get in the way. Prep the sofa for the move and gather all the cushions and pillows together separately.

Only remove the legs of the couch if you can do so. It would be awful if you found out that the legs were glued and then there is no way for the couch to stand anymore. Only remove the parts of the couch that can come apart for an easy moving process.

2) Wrap it in Plastic Wrap

Take all the cushions and pillows and safely wrap them in plastic wrap. Cushions and pillows are the essences. Have you heard that line before? Once you have all the cushions and pillows together, now it is time to wrap up the base of the couch in protection.

You can either use plastic wrap or a moving blanket for the couch. For extra protection in the moving pan, place the cardboard on the armrests so nothing sharp will poke a hole right through.

3) Use Sliders

The new homeowners are not going to like it if there are terrible looking scratch markers covering the hardwood floor. Sliders are a gift to all movers. Furniture sliders easily help you move furniture from one room to the next.

How to get these sliders on the legs of your couch is the whole other process indeed. Again, using a second helping hand, tilt the couch at a vertical angle and place the sliders on the legs on the couch.

4) Know your Limits

Never strain yourself. The instant that you feel pain in any region of your body, put the couch down. A couch is meant as a source of comfort than something to pull a muscle. Moving a couch is not for everyone.

Make sure that you are in the right shape to even think about lifting a couch. Have a set of different ideas in action to move your couch. Don’t be afraid to call for professional movers to help you with moving this couch.

In Conclusion

Couches are one of the best inventions. They are great for bonding with family or friends. Take an evening to just sit around and talk. Besides being invented because t

hey didn’t give clothes wrinkles, couches are excellent bonding experiences. If you are ever planning to move a couch, never do it on your own. Choose the couch that you like, test it out, and then have your very own movie night to celebrate your couch’s new home.