Headboards: Do You Really Need One?

Headboards: Do You Really Need One?

The headboard is a piece of furniture which is usually attached to one end of the bed or maybe even attached to the wall. They are usually there to serve some aesthetic purpose. But they could be really useful if you made it as a storage type headboard. They give a character to not just the bed but the whole room.

What Are Headboards?

The answer to this would be that headboards are the boards which reside on one end of your bed where you usually keep your head and sleep hence the name headboard. You could find this in numerous places, maybe in your friend’s house or maybe you saw it in a movie where there is a mansion.

So there could be two reasons for a headboard, either the aesthetic purpose or maybe you might want to get a little more storage. They can be a real piece of attraction because it fills the room with a different vibe or taste.

Types of Headboards?

Types of Headboards?

To be quite accurate there are a lot of different types of headboards So to simplify I categorised into four different types

  1. Wooden Headboards
  2. Modern Headboards
  3. Storage Headboards
  4. Traditional Headboards

Wooden Headboards

Normally wooden headboards are the most stunning as the give out that feeling of an ancient piece. Nowadays you get a variety of different designs and different crafts with wooden which are very stunning to look.

This type of headboard can last you for very long . Wood is a great material and does have a real property of being in good condition even after 100 years. So this might as well be a good choice to look into.

Modern Headboards

Modern headboards have become quite popular and they serve some great purpose. They bring in a lot of character to your bed and also they give some modern aspect to your room. 

They even serve the purpose of giving you the flexibility to choose the look to choose the design you might want. 

Nowadays there are crazy ideas on the internet with modern headboards. Some of them are DIY lighting the headboard, lights attached to the headboard for light reading at night. So this could really spice up your bedroom.

Storage Headboards

This type of headboard is very useful. Personally, this is the one I really love. And the best thing about this type of headboard is that it is very versatile. You could do a lot of different stuff with this type.

And there are various creative designs around this type. A lot of people use it for as daily use, maybe for their phone and their daily things. Another great thing is this can be very useful for small space bedrooms as they really could give you ample storage.

Traditional Headboards

Traditional headboards are usually attached to the bed and not to the wall. They are made from a variety of different wooden elements which are rich in colour and also gives that authentic traditional look.

This type usually speaks for itself as it usually has a history which may date back to 18th or the 19th century or maybe even before that. So they could be a great choice if you are into history and design.

How much does a Headboard Weigh?

How much does a Headboard Weigh?

Weight of a normal headboard is usually less cause they are usually lightweight and easy to move. But they can wary be based on the material used and also the size to be considered.
So to help with that I have compiled a weight chart for you.

Note: These above weights are an average of all the headboards they can vary based on the materials used 

Are they worth your money?

Are they worth your money?

They are absolutely worth your money if you are thinking to get a great headboard maybe for your bedroom to look different or even to use it as a storage space for your books or daily use. The possibilities are endless.

I went ahead and did some research and found some information so that you could decide if you would want one.

100$ TO 300$

In this price point, you could really get a great headboard considering the price. It is a budget price


You could get materials like metal, manufactured wood, solid wood. This is a great starting point for the materials as they offer good quality even at this price range


The most common colours you could find at this price point is black metal, Brown wood, Blackwood, white, Blue etc. There are many colours to choose from at this price point. So you could find the best one which fits your bedroom design.

300$ TO 600$

At this price point, You get much more creative headboards. That means much more quality and different tastes.


The materials you can get at this price point are much more robust as the finishing of the headboards especially the wooden one are quite more polished and have much more solid materials like mahogany wood for instance. You can really get better quality material here as well.


At this price, you have got tons of different colours to choose from and really a lot of different. Example linen black, french yellow, talc, grey and many more you could choose as you like.

600$ to 1000$

Now, this is a premium cost. So you might want to consider before you buy because you could get a headboard built with a craftsperson and get a really well crafted and also to the exact design you might need


Again at this price point, you could get much better materials with quality wood finishes or even quality paints if you are choosing metal as your primary material. I would recommend you to better it be made by hand by someone really good woodwork and create a masterpiece which is unique to you.


Colours are really beautiful, they have this characteristic ever colour is different and so is you. I would suggest as I have said above you could get the best deal for this price is to pick and choose what you like and just make it your own idea.

Are they useful?

Are they useful?

To be fair, they can be useful at times but sometimes not. The basic thing behind choosing a headboard is really your own choice and your own taste. They serve a great purpose of giving that pop in your room.

Maybe if you want more storage you might need it. If you are not sure if you really want, it is always your choice. And I respect your choice. I personally have a headboard and the only thing I use it for just sitting and relaxing


To conclude I would like to say that everything has its own purpose. Just like that headboards serve various purposes. So I hope you might have come to a decision on whether to buy it or not.